Zhangjiagang Yisu Machinery Co., Ltd.
Contact:Manager Wu
Address:Sanxing Industry Development Zone,Jinfeng Town,Zhangjiagang city,Jiangsu Province,China
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  Zhangjiagang Yisu Machinery Co., Ltd  is a  professional domestic manufacturer for plastic machines and equipments in Zhangjiagang,which is a scenic ,rich and developped  riverside.

辽宁快乐12开奖结果  Our company is east to Shanghai,west to Nanjing,north to yangtze River where is a quite convenient for water and land transportation. The company is mainly engaged in manufacturing and developping plastic machine,stressing on technical upgrading,actively introducing advanced technologies at home and abroad. We have abundant and accumulated experience through practice.

  Products are made by the company including complete extrusion lines for various new-type plastic tubing ,special-shape sections,sheet material etc;waste plastic cleaning and recycling lines;plastic recycling and pelletizing lines;PS&PVC foam frame lines,feeding machines ,drying machines,Crushers,high-speed mixers,mixer units and auxiliary machines for various plastic, which are sold well in the international and domestic markets.

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